MBA 2022 - Business school rankings from the Financial Times (2023)


February 13 2022

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Table notes

* KPMG reported on the results of obtaining evidence and applying specified audit procedures relating to selected survey data provided for the Financial Times 2022 MBA ranking for selected business schools. Enquiries about the assurance process can be made by contacting Lori Huber of KPMG at The specified audit procedures were carried out between October and November 2021. The audit date published denotes the survey for which the specified audit procedures were conducted.

** Data in this column are for information only and are not used in the rankings.

‡ Harvard does not have a school advisory board.

Please note the Covid pandemic has limited global travel which has an impact on the international course experience rank.

Some 196 points separate the top programme, at University of Pennsylvania: Wharton, from the school, ranked 100. The schools are divided into four tiers. Business schools in tiers l and ll score above the average for the cohort, and tiers lll and lV are below it. The difference in scores between schools ranked consecutively is greater within tiers l and lV than in tiers ll and lll. Tier l includes 16 schools from University of Pennsylvania: Wharton to Ceibs. Tier ll includes schools from Cornell University: Johnson, ranked 17, to Vanderbilt University: Owen at 41. Tier lll, headed by Peking University: Guanghua, spans schools ranked 42 to 80. Tier lV includes schools from University of Texas at Dallas: Jindal at 81 to Ipade Business School at 100.

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Which MBA rankings are most reliable? ›

Top 3 MBA Rankings That Help You Study at the Best Business Schools of 2023
  • Financial Times Global MBA ranking. ...
  • The Economist full-time MBA ranking. ...
  • Forbes best business schools ranking.
Nov 17, 2022

Does MBA school ranking matter? ›

The answer depends on your intended employer. Some companies focus on where candidates earned their MBAs, while others prioritize the degree specialization or relevant work experience. MBA rankings can give the impression that only graduates from top business schools find jobs, but that isn't true.

Which is the best online MBA in the world financial times? ›

IE Business School offers the world's best Online MBA program—that's according to the Financial Times Online MBA Ranking 2023. IE's Global Online MBA tops the FT ranking for the first time since 2017, when it led the table for the four previous years.

Where does CEMS rank in Financial Times? ›

Nine CEMS Academic Members schools are ranked in the top 20 of the Financial Times (FT) Global Masters in Management 2022 (MiM), with the University of St Gallen, HEC Paris, Rotterdam School of Management and Stockholm School of Economics achieving the top four positions.

Are Financial Times ranking reliable? ›

Note on the 2023 Financial Times MBA Ranking. As global MBA rankings go, the Financial Times' is somewhat of a gold standard, especially since The Economist's controversial ranking was discontinued last year.

Which MBA is most demanding? ›

Most in-demand MBA specializations in 2023
  • MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) ...
  • MBA in Operations Management. ...
  • MBA in International Business. ...
  • MBA in Healthcare Management. ...
  • MBA in Marketing. ...
  • MBA in Finance. ...
  • MBA in Project Management. ...
  • MBA in Supply Chain Management.
Jan 27, 2023

Is an MBA from a top 10 school worth it? ›

The financial return on investment offered by a typical MBA degree is equally strong, particularly at the world's best business schools. Business school graduates from the Financial Times' top 10 ranked MBAs see an average salary bump of 119% three years after graduation.

Is MBA still respected? ›

Nearly 90 percent of employers said they plan to hire Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduates in 2021. Despite a global pandemic, and economic and political uncertainty, the demand for MBA-level business professionals continues to rise across industries.

Does MBA GPA matter to employers? ›

Therefore, you likely do not have a GPA established for them to look at. That being said, if you are recruiting after that point and you attend a university that does report grades out, firms will look at your MBA GPA.

Is an online MBA worth the same as a regular MBA? ›

In-person and online MBA programs provide similar academic and career opportunities. On-campus and online programs go through the same rigorous accreditation process, presenting students with equivalent coursework and educational requirements. In many schools, the same faculty teach both programs.

Does online MBA hold any value? ›

Online MBAs can be worth it if you're prioritizing cost and flexibility, and are ready to embrace online interaction with your peers and professors.

How many hours a week should I study for MBA? ›

You'll take nine credit hours per semester—which equates to roughly three courses. If you are enrolled in three, 3-credit-hour courses per semester, and each class meets once per week, you're looking at anywhere from 6-18 hours of additional outside work to complete, amounting in 9-27 total hours per week.

Is financial times better than Wall Street Journal? ›

The Financial Times is more international in focus than The Wall Street Journal. So reading the Financial Times, at least occasionally, may be wise for someone interested in worldwide financial markets.

Is Financial Times Better Than WSJ? ›

Depends on where you live. You're better off reading the WSJ in NYC /America and the FT in London/Europe. While the FT is consistently good, the WSJ can either be great (Buffett writes an op-ed) or awful (columnists who are blinded by their own conservatism, don't understand a thing about the markets).

Is CEMS prestigious? ›

CEMS, The Global Alliance in Management Education is one of the top universities in Jouy-en-Josas, France. It is ranked #15 in World University Rankings - Masters In Management 2022.

Is Financial Times left or right wing? ›

Because of this tendency, the FT has traditionally been regarded as a centre to centre-right liberal, neoliberal, and conservative-liberal newspaper.

What is the most trustworthy college ranking? ›

U.S. News & World Report. The U.S. News college rankings are viewed as the gold standard of college ranking lists. Its list is the most well-known and referenced.

Who is the target audience for Financial Times? ›

The FT is relied upon by leading corporate executives and high-net-worth individuals. Our audience includes the most influential people in business and politics and some of the wealthiest and most discerning consumers in the world.

Which MBA gives highest salary? ›

Which MBA Has the Highest Salary? Three of the most paid MBA specialisations include- MBA in Business Analytics, MBA in Finance and MBA in Entrepreneurship. The salaries for each of these disciplines broadly lie in the range of 70,000 USD to 90,000 USD or 60,00,000 INR to 90,00,000 INR per annum.

Which is the toughest MBA specialization? ›

MBA in operations management is also one of the most demanding specialization in MBA.

Which MBA class is hardest? ›

Here, in broad strokes, are some of the most difficult classes involved in an MBA program:
  • Accounting & Economics. ...
  • Management Communications. ...
  • Capstone Courses & Practical Projects.

Is a top MBA worth the debt? ›

Wharton grads did exceptionally well on this ratio. MBAs borrowed a median of $47,275, yet earned a median income of $175,674, for a debt-to-income ratio of 0.27.
MBA Programs Posting The Lowest Debt-To-Income.
SchoolStanford GSB
Debt-To-Income Ratio0.25
Median Debt$41,000
Median Income$163,337
4 more columns
Mar 18, 2022

How do you determine if an MBA is worth it? ›

An MBA is only worth the expense, time, and effort when the graduate plans to work in a business-related field, in management, or as a company founder. An MBA may not be useful for those working in other industries unless they are in management or leadership roles.

Can you put MBA after your name? ›

Therefore, you can put “MBA” or “MFA” next to your name without worry. In project management, PMP is the ultimate credential, so you can put it next to your name. In accounting, CPA is the top designation, so you can put it next to your name.

Is an MBA more difficult than a masters? ›

Is an MBA harder than a master's? The difficulty of a program depends entirely on the institution. Both an MBA and master's in business are graduate-level programs, and meet the same rigorous academic standards.

Is MBA worth it after 40? ›

The answer is different for each person. Every stage in life brings advantages and challenges to graduate education. Still, you can be comforted in knowing that there is no age limit for higher learning. In fact, an MBA at 40 could deliver many unique benefits above and beyond those enjoyed by younger students.

Is an MBA worth it 2023? ›

Yes, the MBA is still worth it. It may be more valuable now than ever before. The MBA provides students with a comprehensive education in business and management, preparing them for leadership roles in various industries. The skills learned in an MBA program apply to many career paths.

What GPA is too low for MBA? ›

There is no one particular answer to this question, but generally, a score lower than 3.4 GPA may be considered a low GPA. If you wish to target the top MBA programs, you may want to have a safe ground at 3.4 and above. The average GPA score to join an MBA course for the top 50 universities lies between 3.4 and 3.7.

Why do employers prefer an MBA? ›

Increased Job Opportunities

From energy to consumer products to start-ups, an MBA can be an asset in any industry. Employers typically look to hire or promote a candidate with an MBA because they have skills in marketing and finance that others within the organization may lack.

Should I put my MBA GPA on resume? ›

As with all other education, listing your GPA is not mandatory. If you do decide to include it, make sure it's 3.5 or above. Flaunting your high grades is great, but it's usually counterproductive if you haven't done that well.

Does online MBA increase salary? ›

After pursuing an online MBA, you will be able to get an average salary package of INR 4-6 lac per annum.

Is MBA worth it if I already have a job? ›

Having an MBA can be a respectable credential to add to your resume, signaling a high-value skill set that many hiring managers look for in employees. Additionally, MBA programs offer unique career and networking resources reserved for students and space for building beneficial long-term relationships.

Can you get a good job with an online MBA? ›

Researchers say that most employers don't see a difference between an online MBA and an in-person MBA . This means you can get a great job with an online MBA or an in-person MBA .

Do employers take online MBAs seriously? ›

Do employers accept online degrees? In general, employers should treat an online degree the same as they would a campus-based degree. Most employers care far more about the quality of the school than the delivery format of the degree.

How many hours a week does an online MBA take? ›

The time commitment for Olin's Online MBA requirements is 15 to 20 hours per week, or three courses per semester.

Is online MBA respected? ›

An online MBA essentially gives you a splendid return on your investments if you're a working professional who is working while acquiring the prestigious MBA degree through online mode of learning. In such a case, you earn both money and a degree at the same time. You save money as well as time and so it is a win-win!

What is the starting salary after MBA? ›

An MBA professional in India can earn a starting salary of Rs. 10-12 lakhs per year. The average starting salary for an MBA graduate in India is Rs. 9 lakhs per year.

Is MBA difficult for average students? ›

Many potential students ask why MBAs are so difficult to graduate. But they ask the wrong question, the truth being: for the average student, MBAs are quite easy to graduate. But as you'll probably learn during your Master's in Business Administration: your attitude makes up over 50% of your professional success.

Is MBA worth it at 30? ›

As per your requirement, i would say that its definitely okay to do full time mba at 30 years of age. Amybody can do mba as there is no upper age limit for it. Many experience holders do mba at age after 30 .

Which university ranking is most reliable? ›

The three longest established and most influential global rankings are those produced by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), Times Higher Education (THE) and Shanghai Ranking Consultancy (the Academic Ranking of World Universities; ARWU).

Which school ranking is the most reliable? ›

U.S. News & World Report. The U.S. News college rankings are viewed as the gold standard of college ranking lists. Its list is the most well-known and referenced.

Is QS MBA ranking reliable? ›

If there are publications that deviate from your trusted rankings by more than five ranks one way or another for the same program in the same year, simply ignore those lists. They aren't likely to be reliable anyway. Publications like QS are good to consider, but we'd recommend you to take it with a pinch of salt.

Which accreditation is best for MBA? ›

The MBA accreditation 'triple crown'

AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA are three of the most highly regarded international accreditations in the realm of higher business education.

Do employers care about university rankings? ›

Sometimes, employers may look at the university you attended. If the job you are applying for is highly competitive and there are too many applicants with the same grades and experience, the university ranking will be taken into consideration.

Does it matter what ranking your University is? ›

The simple answer is yes. It can be well worth your time to carefully study how a university ranks in different subjects, as well as its overall ranking. Often, the right university for you won't be one with the highest overall ranking.

Does a better university ranking matter? ›

"Rankings do matter." For overachievers, the guide is the Bible, influencing students where to apply and where to enroll. Its information fuels an increasingly intense — if not maddening — admissions process for students seeking spots at the nation's most elite schools.

What are the top 3 hardest schools to get into? ›

The 25 Hardest Colleges to Get Into in 2023
  • 1) Harvard University.
  • 2) Columbia University.
  • 3) Caltech.
  • 4) Stanford University.
  • 5) MIT.
  • 6) Princeton University.
  • 7) Yale University.
  • 8) Brown University.
Nov 11, 2022

What is the easiest prestigious school to get into? ›

Based on the information provided above, you probably noticed that Cornell University has the highest acceptance rates out of all the Ivy League schools and can therefore be classified as the easiest Ivy league school to get into.

How reliable are niche rankings? ›

Niche takes steps to ensure data integrity, but rankings may be inaccurate if Niche is supplied with inaccurate data from schools, data sources such as the US Department of Education, or spam and automated 'bot' reviews.

Is an unaccredited MBA worth it? ›

Although you can attend a non-accredited MBA program, doing so may not be worth your time or money. If you need to transfer programs, other schools may not accept your credits. Additionally, many employers are only interested in hiring job candidates who graduated from accredited schools.

Do employers care about MBA accreditation? ›

Do Employers Care About MBA Accreditation? Yes. Employers often consider MBA accreditation because it guarantees the quality of your degree and measures the potential impact you may bring to their organization. Earning an unaccredited degree may not qualify you for the roles you want.

Which MBA degree is best in USA? ›

Here are the 2023 Best Business Schools
  • University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
  • Northwestern University (Kellogg)
  • Stanford University.
  • Harvard University.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
  • Yale University.
  • Columbia University.
  • University of California, Berkeley (Haas)

What is number one MBA program in the US? ›

US B-Schools Ranking
☆ 1Stanford88.0
☆ 2Chicago (Booth)85.6
☆ 2Harvard85.6
☆ 4Northwestern (Kellogg)84.8
86 more rows

Which MBA is more valuable? ›

Traditionally, finance, marketing, HR, operations, and entrepreneurship are some of the most sought-after and the best MBA specializations and are considered safest by many students.


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