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Hot Tub Disposal
Mattress Disposal
E-Waste Disposal
Furniture Removal
Appliance Removal
Garbage Removal
Foreclosure Cleanouts
Yard Waste
Trash Removal

Fast, eco-friendly junk removal services in Baton Rouge, LA, and the surrounding areas

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Meet The King of Junk in Baton Rouge

Miller Gunn joined the large family of Junk King as the owner of the Junk King New Orleans before later branching off into the Baton Rouge area. He has since been helping both residential and commercial property owners to declutter their properties safely and efficiently with his Louisiana junk removal and hauling services. After officially opening the Baton Rouge offices two years ago, Gunn and his entire team have successfully been offering eco-friendly junk removal services that our clients can be proud of.

As a trained public accountant who grew up in Birmingham and traveled a lot, Gunn was seeking a business opportunity that would keep him home with the kids and wife. His passion for giving back to society and being a close-knit family man drove him into Junk King’s world of providing eco-friendly junk removal services.

After graduating from college in Mississippi, Miller started working in Nashville only to realize that he needed something that would allow him to interact with people directly. Being an accountant in an office all day just didn’t cut it. This decision led to his move to Los Angeles, where he briefly worked in sales and operations for a bank software company. When Miller’s son was born in 2015, he and his wife thought it wise to move back home to New Orleans, where their son will have the opportunity to bond with his family as he grows up here in Louisiana.

As a budding entrepreneur, Gunn felt Junk King provided him a great opportunity to help clean up the cities he loves. And so, he became the king of junk removal in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge, and that’s how it all started. Today, Miller is the proud owner of Junk King in Baton Rouge as well as the New Orleans location. He has managed to positively impact the Baton Rouge community, helping homeowners and businesses declutter their establishments without too much effort from the property owner, in a cost-effective manner. His business has successfully partnered with local hospitals, charitable organizations, recycling facilities, and nonprofit organizations to ensure junk removal processes in the community are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

A Strong Commitment to Community Through Donations and Recycling

Miller Gunn has shown Baton Rouge locals a better way of finding a new life for their unwanted household goods through recycling, repurposing, and donating their discarded junk. If you’re looking to open up some space on your property in Baton Rouge, feel free to call Miller Gunn and his team of experienced junk removal experts. You can dial 1-888-888-JUNK (5865) or place an online booking to reclaim your space today. The Baton Rouge Junk removal specialists focus on friendly customer services and delivering top-notch quality junk removal services. A staff member will offer you an up-front estimate, give you a call 15-30 minutes ahead to inform you of their arrival, and lift the junk burden off your shoulders.

Navigating the Pandemic Challenges

As we all know, the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic altered business operations across the board as businesses had to re-think their way of doing things. Adding new customers, junk removal experts, and new red trucks have been a challenge every year, but Miller has always endeavored to make it work. For him, the experience has been exactly what he was seeking, because the Gunn family is fully engrossed in running the two family businesses. The Gunns have made it this far because the entire family believes in togetherness and community.

Just like any other business owner, Miller also experienced serious downturns in his business due to the pandemic. In March and April of 2020, to be particular, the company had its worst hit as households weren’t sure about the future, and were not bringing in outside help for these jobs. After much determination and belief in their mission, the Baton Rouge Junk King team started normalizing operations in mid-May of 2021 and have since been progressing gradually.

Schedule your Junk Removal Service with Junk King Baton Rouge!

Junk King guarantees you unparalleled junk removal services in Baton Rouge, LA, and the surrounding areas at an affordable cost. Our team of seasoned junk hauling experts will arrive on-site in minutes and provide you with trusted junk removal services promptly. With our commitment to the beautiful state that they love, Junk King Baton Rouge is dedicated to recycling over 60 percent of the junk that we pick from your property before we dispose of or donate the rest. We allow you to contribute to making the world a better place for future generations through your choice in bulk waste removal in Baton Rouge. Contact us today to schedule your junk removal service in Baton Rouge!

Residential Junk Removal Services

Baton Rouge trash collection doesn’t always cut it when you have a lot to get rid of. Don’t let large discarded items clutter up your property, Junk King Baton Rouge can come and haul away any household items you may need to dispose of. We will come in and remove appliances, furniture, and large amounts of garbage right where they are. Just point and watch and we will make it all disappear. Items we remove include but are not limited to:

See Our Residential Junk Removal Services

Commercial Junk Removal

No matter the type of organization you own or work for, getting rid of accumulated junk is often necessary. Commercial junk removal services come in handy in helping remove unwanted trash and bulk waste in a safe and timely manner. Using your employees to remove old machinery, furniture or bulk waste may be an option, but if it’s not in the scope of their standard job requirements, it may not be the best idea. Hiring commercial junk removal and hauling experts is safer, faster, and more cost-effective.

See Our Commercial Junk Removal Services

How It Works

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When you hire Junk King Baton Rouge for your junk removal and hauling services, we’ll send a two-man crew and specialized junk removal truck to your property to clear all the junk that you want to get rid of promptly. We’ll give your area a thoroughgoing sweep-up to ensure we take away that headache from your head. Our crew will dispose of the trash by reusing and recycling over 60 percent of it to make the world a better place.

What We Take

Regardless of the size of the junk you want to get rid of, we always make sure that any waste is properly disposed of as long as it isn’t hazardous. So, if you got some old household appliances, furniture pieces, mattresses, garden refuse, or construction debris, which you need to dispose of, you can rest assured we’ll help you out. However, we don’t handle hazardous items such as biological waste and asbestos material for health and safety reasons.

How We Charge

You’ll simply need to show us the trash you need to get rid of, and we’ll give you an exact quote. If you’re comfortable with the price our junk removal experts will swing into action and get the job done. And, you don’t have to worry about financial commitments as we issue a free, no-obligation estimate.

We will send you a receipt via email for your records after we collect the payment. Our Baton Rouge junk removal staff will only collect the payment after the job is done. We guarantee you that our waste disposal processes are eco-friendly because we’ve partnered with a number of licensed recycling and disposal centers to ensure that what ends up in the landfills is unusable waste products only.

Contact Us

Junk King is known to offer the most affordable junk removal rates in North America. You’ll only pay for the space that your junk will take up in our junk removal red trucks. Based on the type of junk you want to be hauled away, you’ll pay a transparent fee that includes the labor and disposal fees. You can book an appointment online or call us to give us your address, and our crew will show up at your property to give you a free on-site quotation.

Why Junk King

Junk Removal in Baton Rouge (33)

Junk King is the number one junk removal company in the entire North America. So, to properly dispose of your old furniture pieces or household appliances, you need to work with our experts. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring Baton Rouge Junk King junk removal services.

Our Expertise

You can trust our unparalleled expertise to deliver the very best junk removal services in North America. We hire a team of insured, bonded, and licensed junk removal experts who have years of experience in helping homeowners and commercial property managers with their junk removal needs.

Our junk removal specialists are well trained in disassembling, moving, and hauling a wide range of waste materials. We can safely pick up and haul away heavy furniture pieces and other items in residential and commercial settings. The good news is that our Baton Rouge junk removal experts have done it for years without causing damage to the properties of our clients.

Time Consciousness

No one wants to waste time getting rid of heavy, old appliances that they don’t need! You don’t have to go through the hassle of getting it done yourself when you can hire professionals to do it at half the cost. For instance, if you’re a landlord or property manager, you wouldn’t want to see your property sitting idle for weeks or months without earning you some income. Let the Junk King waste removal professionals help you get back into business after an eviction so you can earn what you truly deserve from the building. The idea is to do it fast enough and not lose out on potential business opportunities.


You don’t have to worry about any accidental damages on your walls or personal injury claims down the road because our junk removal crew is fully insured. Our junk removal experts come armed with protective gear, the right junk removal equipment, and trucks that are all designed to execute the project the right way. We always ensure that our crew is well equipped to safely remove any type of unwanted trash, including old appliances and furniture items.

Proper Disposal

We always endeavor to keep our environment safe for the well-being of our future generations. Hence, we recycle and donate a large percentage (60%) of the items that we pick up from our customers’ properties. Baton Rouge Junk King has partnered with several recycling centers and donation centers to facilitate our eco-friendly waste disposal protocols. In other words, we’ll indirectly help you contribute towards the vogue for saving the world by reducing the global carbon footprint. We believe that not everything should end up in landfills!


Our team of professional junk removal experts will arrive on your property on time. We understand that time is critical and wouldn’t wish to create any kind of inconvenience to your already tight schedule. Therefore, one of our staff members will give you a call 15-30 minutes in advance to inform you that we’re on our way. We efficiently handle all in-home removal or outdoor pick-ups.

Junk King junk removal offers the very best junk removal services across the nation. That is why we can function as an integral extension of your business. Our junk removal services are always tailor-made to suit the specific needs of our clients.

Baton Rouge Junk King is known for providing the industry’s most comprehensive commercial and residential junk removal services. No matter the size of the junk you want to dispose of, we’ll handle it. It’s our job to make the junk removal processes easy for you at very affordable rates. We respect your business, time, and property, and that is why our junk removal crew will arrive exactly when you need them.

Cost savings

Your business hours and that of your employees are better served elsewhere. So, if you’re a dedicated business owner, it’s best to consider delegating the duties and responsibilities of your employees the right way. Wasting your valuable time loading and hauling away commercial waste will create serious financial dents on your enterprise.

Working with an established junk removal service provider is a great idea if you think about employee wages, transportation, and disposal fees. Just let the junk removal professionals help you get that load off your shoulders! Junk King Baton Rouge has the muscle to get it done the right way. We charge transparent fees based on the volume of your junk and are inclusive of labor, moving, disposal, and recycling services.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Junk Removal Service

If you want the junk removal project to be as efficient as possible, give Junk King Baton Rouge a call. Once you contact our junk removal experts, you won’t need to worry about the junk removal laws and logistics. All you need to do is call at 1-888-888-JUNK (5865) or send us a text at 1-737-888-5865, and our team will show up at your place to take away the trash, with no hidden fees.

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    We call you 15 min. before arrival.

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    If you agree to our $, we take your junk.

Junk King Baton Rouge

(225) 209-9270

3185 Balis Dr, Suite 103
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Hours: M-F: 8A-5P, Sa: 8A-3P

Providing junk removal services to the Baton Rouge area, including:




Baton Rouge

Breaux Bridge







Denham Springs







and these nearby zip codes:

70346, 70501, 70502, 70503, 70504, 70505, 70506, 70507, 70508, 70509, 70512, 70517, 70518, 70519, 70520, 70521, 70593, 70596, 70598, 70704, 70710, 70714, 70719, 70721, 70726, 70729, 70732, 70734, 70764, 70765, 70801, 70802, 70803, 70804, 70805, 70806, 70807, 70808, 70809, 70810, 70811, 70812, 70813, 70814, 70815, 70816, 70817, 70818, 70819, 70820, 70821, 70822, 70823, 70825, 70826, 70827, 70831, 70833, 70835, 70836, 70837, 70873, 70874, 70879, 70884, 70891, 70892, 70893, 70894, 70895, 70896, 70898

Our Customers Love Us!

5.0 out of 5

based on 348 reviews


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

November 18, 2022

They were fast, professional, and a good bargain. Junk King is very responsive and most times they can come out same day for a quote and pick up. I will use them again if needed.

Dan Jacobsen

Prairieville, Louisiana

November 17, 2022

We had a lot of various items to throw away. Junk King took great care of us. Dispatch called me and said they were 25 minutes away. Wieners were right on time Estimate done quickly and they took care of all our stuff really quickly. Definitely recommend them

Lucille Graham

Prairieville, Louisiana

October 25, 2022

Great service. Recommend them to anyone who needs junk removed!!

Kayde Kight

Gonzales, Louisiana

September 19, 2022

I contacted them Saturday to remove my above ground pool and heard back within 15 minutes and scheduled them to come out Monday morning and gave me a quote and then got right to work. Excellent work and friendly service.

Dan Shuler

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

August 01, 2022

First time user. Very professional and service oriented; I will use them now for all my junk removal needs. Great job guys!

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