Device Connection - DJI Onboard SDK Documentation (2022)


  • This article is Machine-Translated. If you have any questions about this article, please send an E-mail to DJI, we will correct it in time. DJI appreciates your support and attention.
  • Avoiding damage to the device due to improper operation, please refer to the User's Manual before connecting the onboard computer or a third party onboard computer to DJI's drones.
  • The interface in the illustration of this document is the interface of the drones. TheNOTEof the interface in the onboard computer, please refer to Manifold 2 User's Manual, for the interface of the third-party onboard computer, please refer to the manual of the purchased.
  • Some hardware interfaces that were not described in this document are temporarily unavailable.

Figure 1 display the method of device connection.

Figure1. Device Connection

Device Connection-DJI Onboard SDK Documentation (1)

Using M210 V2 Series

M210 V2 series include M210 V2 and M210 RTK V2. For details, please refer to User's Manual.


  • The pin identification shown in the figure is the tail of the drone from top to bottom. The details for the onboard computer or third-party hardware platform, please refer to the User's Manual of the purchased.
  • If the onboard computer (such as Manifold 2) and the third-party onboard computer triggers the power-off protection mechanism (power-off) of the M210 V2 series due to the higher current (peak current reaches 24V/5A) Or restart frequently), please disconnect the power output interface (XT30), check and adjust the current connection of the onboard computer and the third-party onboard computer, and then reconnect the power output interface.
  • It is recommended to use Onboard Computer Mounting Bracket to make the safety and reliability of the onboard computer.

Connected To Manifold 2

When connecting the onboard computer Manifold 2 to the M210 V2 series, please use the USB to TTL cable (FT232BL) and the double-headed USB cable as shows in Figure 2.

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Figure 2. Connect the onboard computer to the M210 V2 series

Device Connection-DJI Onboard SDK Documentation (2)

  • Use USB cable
    Manifold 2 communicates with the drone through dual-head USB cable.
  • Use the serial cable
    • Method 1: Use the serial cable in Manifold 2 to connect the expansion interface at the rear of the drone and the UART1 interface in Manifold 2 (the device number in Manifold 2 is ttyTHS2);
    • Method 2: Use a USB-to-serial cable to connect the expansion interface at the rear of the aircraft to the USB interface of Manifold 2 (the device number in Manifold 2 is ttyUSBn, n is 0, 1, 2, ...).
  • Power Output
    • In order to avoid interference with the normal operation of the drone, please ensure that the voltage of the onboard computer is between 18V and 26V, and the current is constant at 2A;
    • Set the power interface on or off in utility/bin/ (reset the power switch after the drone restarts);./M210ConfigTool --usb-port/dev/ttyACM0 --config-file UserConfig.txt --power-supply on


  • The voltage of M210 V2 Series is 3.3V;
  • If developer want to use Matrice 210 RTK for Time Synchronization, please use the cable connect the interface SYNC Line on Manifold 2 to the PPS and GND pins on the rear of the drone.

Connected To Third-Party Onboard Computer

According to the situation of the third-party onboard computer, connect the M210 V2 series to the third-party onboard computer:

  • Use the USB cable
    Communicate with the drone through the dual USB cable.
  • Use the serial cable
    • Method 1: Connect the expansion interface at the tail of the drone to the UART1 interface of the third-party onboard computer using a serial cable;
    • Method 2: Use a USB-to-serial cable to connect the expansion interface at the rear of the aircraft to the USB interface of a third-party onboard computer.
  • Power Output
    When using an external power supply to power a third-party onboard computer, please ensure that it does not interfere with the normal operation of the drone.


  • Please use USB cable and serial port cable connect the third-party development platform to M210 V2 series at same time;
  • Don't use the VCC pin to power the third-party onboard computer, otherwise the drone or the third-party onboard computer may be damaged.

Using M300 RTK


  • The voltage of the serial port on the M300 RTK and OSDK adapter board is 3.3V;
  • When installing Manifold 2 or a third-party onboard computer on the Matrice 300 RTK, please use the OSDK adapter board;
  • When using a third-party platform as an onboard computer, please avoid generating magnetic fields.

In order to facilitate developers to fix the onboard computer Manifold 2 or a third-party onboard computer on the M300 RTK, DJI provides an onboard computer adapter board, which provides the XT30 24V power port, OSDK serial port and OSDK USB 2.0 port, developers can design the onboard computer adapter board according to the structure and interface of the adapter board. To avoid accidents such as burning the adapter board or onboard computer, please read the following carefully.

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Adapter Board Interface

NOTE The details for installing the onboard computer adapter board on the M300 RTK, please refer to the Onboard Computer Adapter Board User's Manual.

  • Communication Interface

Figure 3. Communication Interface

Device Connection-DJI Onboard SDK Documentation (3)


  • The USB 2.0 port of the onboard computer adapter board is the USB Device, and the OSDK onboard computer is the Host;
  • When using a serial cable connect the onboard computer and the onboard computer adapter board, the definition of the adapter board interface is the same as the definition of the M210 series;
  • Developers can use the power cord and USB cable to connect the onboard computer and the onboard computer adapter board.
  • OSDK USB2.0 Interface

Figure 4. OSDK USB2.0 Interface

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Device Connection-DJI Onboard SDK Documentation (4)

  • Power Output 24V (XT30)

Figure 5. Power Output 24V (XT30)

Device Connection-DJI Onboard SDK Documentation (5)

  • Adapter Board Cable Interface

Figure 6. Adapter Board Cable Interface

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Device Connection-DJI Onboard SDK Documentation (6)

NOTE Connecting the onboard computer adapter board to the OSDK expansion interface of the M300 RTK, the connection line's side which has the seam (side B) needs face to the outside of the drone.

Table 1. Adapter Board Cable Interface

Side A A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 A10 A11 A12
Side B B12 B11 B10 B9 B8 B7 B6 B5 B4 B3 B2 B1
Interface Function
  • Power Output
    • If you need to power the onboard computer, please use the VCC pin


      • the rated voltage of this interface is 24V 4A, and the total power output by the drone is 96w;
      • Those VCC pins are on the same network, developer could connect the VCC pins according to actual requirements. But in order to ensure the drone output the current continuously and steadily, please connect 4 VCC pins at the same time.
    • RSVD1, RSVD2 are reserved pins, RSVD1 pin must be floating; RSVD2 pin must is GND.
    • Developer must use the ON_DET pin, and the opposite connected to the ON_DET's pin must is GND.
  • Data Communication
    • If you want to use the USB 2.0 function, please use the DP and DM pins.
    • If you want to use the PWM signal output by the drone, please use the PWM pin.
    • To use the serial port on the drone to communicate with the onboard computer, please use the UART_RX and UART_TX pins.
      • UART_RX: This pin that receives the drone output signal through the connecting line of the onboard computer adapter board, this pin corresponds to the signal output pin TX of the drone OSDK expansion interface.
      • UART_TX: This pin is used to send the signal from the drone to the onboard computer with adapter board, corresponding the receiving pin UART_RX.
  • Time Synchronization: If you need to use the synchronization signal output by the drone, please use the SYNC (PPS) pin.

NOTE After connecting to the onboard computer, please set the baud rate of the OSDK interface on the M300 RTK in Assistant 2.

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What is DJI onboard SDK? ›

The DJI Onboard SDK is an open source software library that enables computers to communicate directly with a selection of DJI aircraft and flight controllers over a serial interface.

Does DJI have an SDK? ›

Work with an SDK Consultant

DJI GO 4 has been optimized for all of DJI's latest products. Connect your mobile or tablet with your DJI Equipment and start capturing detailed aerial images. Robust Android app for enterprise-users to gain advanced controls of their DJI drone.

What can you do with DJI SDK? ›

Many of DJI's product features and capabilities are accessible to developers through the SDK. Developers can automate flight, control the camera and gimbal, receive real time video and sensor data, download saved media from the product, and monitor state of the other components.

What is DJI Windows SDK? ›

The DJI Windows SDK enables you to automate your DJI Product on a PC. You can control flight, and many subsystems of the product including the camera and gimbal. Using the DJI Windows SDK, create a customized UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app to unlock the full potential of your DJI aerial platform.

What is PSDK DJI? ›

The DJI Payload SDK(PSDK), is a development kit provided by DJI to support developers to develop payload that can be mounted on DJI drones. Combined with the X-Port, SkyPort or extension port adapter, developers can obtain the information or other resource from the drone.

What is DJI SkyPort? ›

The DJI Skyport adapter allows you to install your own equipment on the drone - with access to gimbal, power and DJI APIs of the drone - and helps you to save weight. The integration should open up new areas of application for developers.

Which DJI drones have SDK? ›

DJI's Mobile SDK (software development kit) for Android now works with their Air 2S, Mini 2, and Mini SE drones.

What is a drone SDK? ›

An SDK drone will allow software developers to create specialized solutions. These drones are modular, software development kits along with assistance.

What is mobile App SDK? ›

A Mobile SDK is a software package that contains a set of tools that can help to build platform-specific mobile applications and implement new features in existing mobile apps. The resources contained in an SDK include libraries, documents, code samples, guides, and APIs.

How do I reprogram my DJI drone? ›

Press and hold the drone's power button for 9 secs.
  1. Open the DJI Assistant program.
  2. Make sure to have Firmware Update (1) selected, and then click on RESTORE FACTORY DEFAULTS (2).
  3. There will be a confirmation screen, click on CONFIRM.
  4. When it is done, click on COMPLETE.

Does DJI mini 2 have SDK? ›

More than two months after its Android counterpart was released, DJI has finally made the Mobile SDK version 4.16 for iOS available to developers.

Can DJI Mavic 3 be used for mapping? ›

The DJI Mavic 3 does not have officially supported mapping capabilities. However, using cine mode and the hyperlapse feature, you may be able to achieve similar results to aerial mapping and photogrammetry.

What is payload mode DJI mini 2? ›

Payload Mode is an automated feature that detects added weight to the DJI Mini 2. This weight could be from propeller guards or any other payloads you may have added. Once detected, you will get a notification, and the drone's flight will be limited in terms of altitude and range.

What is an SDK VS API? ›

An SDK provides a complete development kit for software development for building applications for a specified platform, service, or language. An API is used to facilitate communication between two platforms.

Can DJI mini 2 be used for mapping? ›

Yes, You Can. With Civil Tracker you can map and survey with the Mavic Mini, Mini 2 and Mini SE. We believe a whole new generation of drone mappers is about to start flying.

Can DJI Air 2S be used for mapping? ›

You can use the DJI Air 2S for mapping thanks to its 30-minutes of battery life, GPS capabilities, and high-quality camera. Also, thanks to the DJI SDK update, more mapping apps and platforms are now compatible with the Air 2S.

Does DJI Air 2s work with Android? ›

Requires Android 6.0 or above.

Is Mavic air 2s compatible with Dronedeploy? ›

GREAT NEWS! The Mavic Air 2s is now 100% compatible with Drone Deploy!

Why do you need an SDK? ›

Why are SDKs important? Without an SDK, a lot of this pre-built functionality would have to be made from scratch. SDKs not only let you create new tools efficiently, but also make the process easier for everyone involved because everything is pre-built.

What is SDK example? ›

Some examples of software development kits are the Java development kit (JDK), the Windows 7 SDK, the MacOs X SDK, and the iPhone SDK.

What are the benefits of using an SDK? ›

When working with an android device, the developer needs an Android SDK to match the platform. SDKs include a variety of different things, which include documentation, guides and libraries; these can help to guide the developer as they build the application from start to finish.

Can you program DJI drones? ›

DJI's Tello EDU UAV is a new programmable UAV that will allow novices in the field to learn programming. This tool dedicated to the field of education makes it easy and fun to learn the programming languages Scratch, Python and Swift, which are recognized and widely used in the 21st century.

Is DJI open source? ›

Scale of Open-Source Commercial Drones

Additionally, the industry's dominant drone manufacturer, DJI, develops their own proprietary systems, pushing many open-source projects to military or higher-end niches of the market.

What is Salesforce SDK? ›

About Native App Development

Salesforce Mobile SDK lets you develop native apps on iOS and Android. You build Mobile SDK native apps using the mobile platform's development tools and languages. For example, you can develop iOS apps in Xcode using Swift or Objective-C.

Can you code a DJI mini? ›

Yes, the DJI mini 2 has a mobile SDK: Basically, you can build an app for Android or iOS and use it to control your drone or get information from it.

Can you jam a drone signal? ›

It is possible to jam a drone signal by using a disturbance signal in order to disrupt the communication between the drone and the remote control. Typically, these are powerful outputs that cause the drone to lose all communication. The drone will return to home which will identify the pilot.

How hard is it to program a drone? ›

Drone programming might sound difficult and tricky to do but, actually, it's easier than you might think. A few simple instructions to get you started in the right direction and you'll be on your way to creating your own program for your drone.

Is there a drone Jammer app? ›

DroneBlocks is a free download and available in the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and Chrome App Store. At this time the Android version only supports Tello.

What programming language do drones use? ›

For programmable drones, the most preferred firmware programming languages are C, C++, and Assembly. While the learning curve for these languages is steep, the fun starts once you get the basics. What's more, you can practice firmware programming using simulators before getting on a real drone.

Does DJI use Mavlink? ›

Rosetta Drone is a Mavlink wrapper for the DJI SDK, which allows users to fly DJI drones using Mavlink-speaking ground control stations.

Which drones use Mavlink? ›

Mavlink is used by many companies including: Parrot AR. Drone (with Flight Recorder), ArduPilot, PX4FMU, pxIMU, SmartAP, MatrixPilot, Armazila 10dM3UOP88, Hexo+, TauLabs and AutoQuad.

What is SDK and how is it used? ›

SDK stands for software development kit. Also known as a devkit, the SDK is a set of software-building tools for a specific platform, including the building blocks, debuggers and, often, a framework or group of code libraries such as a set of routines specific to an operating system (OS).

What is SDK in digital marketing? ›

A mobile software development kit, or SDK, is a piece of code that lets mobile apps connect to third-party services and technologies. By integrating a mobile SDK, developers can access different tools like analytics or re-engagement, or connect to ad networks to run in-app ads.

Does salesforce have a mobile app? ›

The mobile app includes many of your org's customizations, so it's tailored to your business needs. Salesforce for iOS is available from the App Store, and Salesforce for Android is available from Google Play. The Salesforce mobile app is included with all Salesforce orgs.

Can you override DJI no fly zone? ›

You can self-unlock either before you fly or while you are at the location where you want to fly. Self-unlocking is the process of manually overriding the DJI no-fly zones' restrictions. This can be done by connecting your drone to a computer and using special software to change the drone's GPS coordinates.

Can I fly in blue zone DJI? ›

Gray zones indicate areas with altitude restrictions and are usually found near airport runways. Due to safety reasons, these restrictions cannot be turned off. Blue zones indicate areas where flying is risky but up to the discretion of the pilot, and may be flown after completing a Self Unlock.

How do I unlock my DJI drone in no fly zone? ›

How to Unlock DJI Geo Zone and Warning Areas in 2022 - YouTube


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