11 of the Best Apps for Business School (2023)

11 of the Best Apps for Business School (1)

11 of the Best Apps for Business School (2)

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With the recent launch of the new – and substantially improved – Microsoft Outlook app, we thought we’d bring you an update of the all-time best business apps for students at business school.

With the recent launch of the new – and substantially improved – Microsoft Outlook app, we thought we’d bring you an update of the all-time best business apps for students at business school.

From some of the best productivity apps to usable accounting and finance apps, read on to discover what business apps you shouldn’t leave home without downloading this term.

Best email/file sharing apps for business students

1. Microsoft Outlook

Launched last week on both iOS and Android, the Microsoft Outlook app has been a long time coming. After a series of confusing web apps and android versions of Outlook that didn’t support Hotmail addresses, now you’ll find a functional, mobile Microsoft Outlook app that integrates both your emails and your calendar and does a lot of other impressive things too. And as for the design, the Microsoft Outlook app succeeds in “out-cooling Apple”, as one reviewer put it, while still being as functional as any good, old Microsoft Office product.

Other new features of the Microsoft Outlook app include fast filtering, so you can easily find that really important email that was sent three months ago, attachment functionality which allows you to send large documents without the need to download them to your phone and easy inbox management (swipe to delete, email prioritization and automatic triaging to keep your most important emails close by). Enough to get you to switch back to Hotmail? Probably not, but with the ease of merging all your email accounts to Outlook, from Gmail to Facebook, you won’t even need to.

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2. Dropbox

The club that everyone wants to be in (even Blackberry users); Dropbox (iOS/Android/Blackberry) is a file-sharing app that gives you more storage with every referral you make. Making use of the mysterious ‘cloud’, Dropbox works cross-platform, permitting users to share documents with whoever they want, across multiple devices – easily allowing you to keep track of your daily work. Marking the end of that ‘did I forget to save?’ dread, Dropbox magically saves your work as you edit it, stores it online and also lets you share files without having to use email or a flash drive. Magic.

Best business apps

3. Elevatr

Got a business plan you need to work through or an idea you want to see blossom? Elevatr (iOS, US$4.99) is a business app that helps your to map, organize and share your business ideas. More than just a place to store your thoughts however, Elevatr’s chief selling point is that it guides you through the process of creating a business model, helping you to address all the key aspects of creating a business plan in order to make your own plan a reality. Elevatr is a leading example of the many great apps for students interested in entrepreneurship.

4. Roambi Analytics

If you’ve ever struggled to present business data meaningfully and accurately, then Roambi Analytics (iOS) could be a lifesaver. Allowing you to input important numbers and data into your mobile, Roambi Analytics will then transform these figures into charts and visuals, allowing you to better outline the significance of your findings. Used by a number of Fortune 500 companies across the globe, Roambi Analytics’ status as one of the leading apps for business is in no small part down to its ability to pull data from a huge range of sources, including personal spreadsheets, databases and websites such as Salesforce.com, and present them as clear and reliable charts and graphs. Roambi Analytics can also be used offline.

5. The Decision App

For those business students who struggle to make vital decisions, The Decision App (iOS) is here to help. Helping you to analyze situations and work out the best possible strategy to work through them, this decision-making app uses a number of strategic business models to use as templates and examples. Create mind maps, presentations and analyze data on-the-go using SWOT Analysis, and track decisions that you’ve made. Better than tossing a coin, eh?

Best productivity apps for business students

6. Any.do

One of the best productivity apps on the market today, Any.do (iOS/Android) appeals not only to business school students, but also to the wider market due to its sleek, easy-to-use interface and its multi-functionality. It allows you to organize your day using to-do lists, reminders and notes to schedule meetings and events, and help you manage your time generally. Although similar to other business apps already on the market, Any.do stands out as one of the best productivity apps due to its cross-platform usability, allowing you to easily switch from phone to tablet to laptop and back again with zero hassle and without missing a meeting!

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7. Audio Memos

Audio Memos (iOS/Android) is an audio recording app that allows you to record lectures, seminars, workshops, meetings and conversations with just the touch of a touchscreen. If that makes it sound like little more than a rich man’s tape recorder, then note that this app provides really high-quality recordings, the ability to normalize volume, the option of bookmarking moments in your recordings, editing functionality, easy cross-platform syncing via iCloud and – for just US$0.99 – the function of voice and timer activation.

8. Evernote

If you want to keep track of notes, ideas, research, reminders, links, videos or webpages, Evernote (iOS/Android) may be right up your alley as a business app. A great example of cross-platforming, Evernote can integrate itself into your Outlook system, you browser, your calendar and more, which you might either consider a bit creepy or incredibly useful. Perfect for business students who easily forget their best ideas, Evernote is also available for business – with a monthly price tag – featuring a number of cool business app add-ons such as ManageIt and Swipes, useful for project management tools and task-based scheduling.

9. Prezi

Don’t be put off by the name; Prezi (iOS) is actually a professional, easy-to-use presentation-making service allowing you to create presentations for projects or assignments, or even to pitch a business plan, on the go, across all your devices. Whether you’re one to leave things to the last minute or you just enjoy being productive wherever and whenever, Prezi is a functional and fast business app, featuring some really sleek designs to help make your work look clear and professional.

10. Super Notes

Although similar to the Audio Memos app in that it records sound bites, Super Notes (iOS) also has additional powers, such as the ability to save images, notes and photos of lecture slides all in one place. More fun than jotting down notes on a scraggly old napkin, Super Notes lets you color code your notes and recordings for ease of reference, and also allows you to easily share and download your work to any device. This color-coding feature also makes it one of the leading note-taking apps for students with learning difficulties.

11. Unstuck

Like a life coach but minus the annoying tone of voice and the tight lycra shorts, Unstuck (iOS/Android) is the one of the best apps for students who want to make quicker, better decisions and keep themselves challenged every day. Winner of the dubiously named, yet prestigious Appy Award and Webby Award for Best Lifestyle App in 2012, Unstuck has since been upgraded, now allowing business students to take control of their work and life problems by creating ‘stuck moments’ and working through them using the innovative process set out in the app. So, if there’s anything holding you back from your full potential, such as a bad relationship, anxiety or just indecisiveness – get this app!

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Best news apps for business students

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